How I Started My Appliance Repair Business
Saturday May 28th 2016

Review of Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair Training

Start An Appliance Repair BusinessI bought Uncle Harry’s appliance repair technician home study course and used it to successfully start my appliance repair business, which I write about in my startup blog.  In retrospect, this is how I feel about the value of Uncle Harry’s materials and support.

When I started out, I knew absolutely NOTHING about the appliance repair business, and I had no relatives, neighbors or buddies who could mentor me and teach me the business.

All I had when I started was “Electronics for Dummies” and a book on appliance repair called Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, 2nd Ed.  I had watched all the free YouTube videos I could find, and I had studied DIY forums for all they were worth, but I just couldn’t bridge the gap between being an amateur and becoming a professional without SOMETHING else.

I looked at Penn-Foster pretty closely, but I was concerned that it would be too theoretical, kind of like the appliance repair books on steroids.   I wanted something practical that taught me what I would encounter in the real world.

With all the manufacturers, models, types of appliances and years of technology changes that I would need to become an expert on, how was I going to go from knowing nothing to taking appliance repair calls?

Uncle Harry had a very valuable solution.  First he taught me the hands-on fundamentals using videos of repairs being done on actual machines, and technical manuals with step-by-step instructions.  Next what was really important is he taught me the business itself,  including advertising/marketing, parts inventory, customer service,  invoicing.  After all that, he had an extensive support system as I started go out on my calls.

Before I ever started taking service calls, I studied Harry’s materials thoroughly.  Once I started taking calls, I would research specific problems I was trying to solve by reviewing them in Uncle Harry’s course materials.

Harry  personally answered my emails and phone calls and helped me through my stumpers, which was critical for me in the early stages of startup.

Not sure how I would have started my appliance repair business from scratch without using Uncle Harry as an intermediate stepping stone between being a DIY guy and a professional.

For more about how I started my appliance repair business, read my startup blog, and for more about my ongoing business read my business blog.

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8 Comments for “Review of Uncle Harry’s Appliance Repair Training”

  • Carlos says:

    I have been considering this program with Uncle Harry’s but I wanted to know how much the course cost. I have email Uncle Harry customer service about two months ago but I have not hear from them. So, I was wondering if you can help me out on this info. I also have been looking into Penn Foster since I had take an Electrician course with them, but Uncle Harry more realistic but I just wish that someone can tell me the cost of the program. Thank you

    • Appliance Repair Startup says:

      Hi Carlos – It is very unusual, to say the least, for Harry not to respond, so maybe something went wrong with your email? You can talk to Harry directly about pricing, and he can also answer any questions you may have about financing the course, just click on the Home Study Course link and it will take you to a page with Harry’s phone number. I think Harry’s course will get you running calls faster than any other program out there, which is why I chose to go that route myself. Best of luck to you!

  • Mark says:

    I have researched the schools/courses and it looks like uncle Harry’s is by far the best I will be receiving uncle Harry’s course tomorrow it’s suppose to arrive by fedex and I am really excited to get it.I have enjoyed reading your blog keep up the good work

    • Appliance Repair Startup says:

      Hi Mark – Congratulations on choosing Harry’s course – as I’ve said before, it is definitely the fast track. I remember impatiently waiting for that FedEx package myself – when I got my hands on it, I tore into it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and in 30 days I was taking my first service call. By the way, Harry still answers my phone calls personally, and he helped me solve a stumper last week. A washer timer I was working on the knob would not engage, so I called Harry and he said he thought it might be missing a spacer. I bought the $2 spacer at the parts house, put it in and it worked. Wish you the best of luck and prosperity with your appliance repair career!

  • Apollo King says:

    Your first coulple of paragraphs sounds exactly like my entry into to appliance world
    I checked out Penn Foster aswell and Laurus felt PF would be to complicated to understand
    I’m definitely going the uncle Harry route to learn and then going to join my friends company
    To help him expand I’ve went out with him for a few weeks but like to be trained before I fully represent his company so that I can control my calls without having to call on him all the time.

    • Appliance Repair Startup says:

      Hi Apollo – Harry is definitely the fast track – sounds like you have a smart strategy. Your friend is lucky to have someone like you who realizes the importance of training. It’s critical at startup but vital throughout your career as an appliance repair technician. I still study every single day to keep current. Thanks for the great comment!

  • walter says:

    I am going to get into appliance repair.
    I’ve been looking around and decided to
    buy Uncle Henry s program.
    I liked your sites.

    • Appliance Repair Startup says:

      Hi Walter – Congratulations on your decision to become an appliance repair technician – I think Harry’s program will be the quickest way for you to get started making money in appliance repair. Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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