Learning to Deal with Electrical Repairs

Electrical Appliance RepairsYou may be handy or mechanical, but you may have avoided electrical repairs.

Getting over your nervousness about electrical repairs is a hurdle, but the more you know about it, the more comfortable you will get. It pays to be very cautious.

There are basic tips from the UPenn Electrical Systems Engineering Labs advising safety guidelines on principles of conductivity of the human body, precautions when dealing with high voltage, and avoiding electrical shock might help.

By the way, they mention that you should put your left hand in your pocket or behind your back if you work on any high voltage electrical component or connection.   The reason you do this is that it encourages the current to flow through your arm and down your leg to the ground instead of through your heart to your other arm if an electrical mishap occurs.  Read the lab safety guidelines, it could save your life!

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