Low-Cost Toll-Free Numbers

Ring Central Has Toll Free NumbersA low-cost toll-free number can give your company a professional and credible appearance.

Toll-free numbers encourage your clients to call you, especially if you live in a rural area where long distance charges are frequently incurred.

The toll-free number can be forwarded to your cell phone with a code indicating it’s coming from your business line.

The automated receptionist sounds professional, and voice mails can be emailed to you so you can listen to them.

We use Ring Central, which is very economical for a startup business with one line.

Some of the features they offer for only $9.99 a month are:

  • 100 local, long distance or toll-free minutes
  • 4.9¢/min additional minutes
  • 10 Extensions

Additional FREE features:

• Internet Fax

All of their plans include:

  • Use with any existing phone system
  • The toll-free or local number for voice + fax
  • Voicemail with free email delivery
  • Internet fax – send and receive
  • Advanced call forwarding
  • Cloud-based PBX with multiple extensions
  • Auto-receptionist
  • Flexible answering rules
  • Call queues
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Keep your existing number, at no cost

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