Appliance Circuit Board Repair: An Untapped Resource for Pros

The COVID-19 pandemic, among its many consequences, has led to an increased shortage of home appliances.  Homeowners have been forced to opt for repairing their appliances as a result. In normal times such a situation would be a welcomed one; however, appliance repair professionals face limited replacement part supplies presently. The virus’s impact on global production lines and transportation prevents these items, many of which originate abroad,  from getting to the US. Those that do sell out quickly or get directed to existing back-order requests.

Despite these circumstances, technicians still possess a resource they can turn to in order to complete jobs and keep their customers happy: appliance circuit board repair. The following article provides appliance repair pros with an overview of these services and when it makes sense to work with one.

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What is Appliance Circuit Board Repair and Why It’s Booming?

Circuit boards are composed of electrical or electronic components on an insulated material, which controls the different features in a device. Inside appliances, the parts regulate functions like temperature, displays, and lights. Newer models, in particular, consist of intricate electronic set-ups meaning that when issues arise they require immediate attention.

In 2020, as mentioned before, the national appliance part shortage encourages homeowners to ask for appliance parts to be repaired versus replaced. Circuit boards, specifically, are one of the most requested repairs we’ve been hearing pros identify as being in high demand by customers.

Below we outline how to identify if a circuit board is failing or broken, as well as some resources that can help with these repairs.

How to Identify a Broken Circuit Board

Signs of a Failing or Dead Appliance Circuit Board

Although each type of appliance and its brand may offer varying warning signs, here are some of the most common ones an appliance repair tech will encounter on a job:

Ovens and Ranges:

  • An error code will be provided; however, this code does not specify the exact issue. A good guess is a failing circuit board if the appliance’s display no longer lights up.


  • Many homeowners initially report a burning odor and an inability to cool from refrigerators with failing circuit boards. Techs should be able to confirm if this is the case by analyzing any error codes being produced.

Washers and Dryers:

  • Similar to refrigerators, homeowners often mention a burning odor to appliance repair professionals to tip them off about a faulty board. Additionally, a dryer’s failure to produce heat could be another symptom to investigate further.

Possible Causes of Circuit Board Failure

  • A heavy circuit that overloads the system
  • An appliance that is overworked and not regularly maintained
  • Heat sensitivity (ovens, ranges, dryers)
  • Compressor heat and improper venting can cook the sensor (refrigerators)

Circuit Board Repair: When It’s a Good Idea and How Much to Charge for This Service

Once you have identified that a faulty circuit board is a reason an appliance no longer works, you may be asking, “What next?” Ideally, you’d be able to replace the part by calling your local supplier and doing a follow-up visit to your customer’s home for installation. The realities of this year prevent a quick resolution, unfortunately. Instead, you’ll need to either send the circuit board out for repairs using a quality service like Core Centric or ask the homeowner to try to find a replacement on PartSimple. For pricing of the former, it is recommended to charge a homeowner $400 for two trips and the part rebuild.

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  1. Hi! I have a kitchenmaid refrigerator model number KBRC36FKS00. The control board has gone out part number 2252161. We sent it into our warranty company and they lost it (after 6 months of giving us the run around). I’m just reaching out in the hope that maybe you could locate one or refer me to someone else that might be able to find one? Thank you so much!

    1. That part is no longer available as you have found out. The old one can be repaired but you do need the original to start from.

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