9 Reasons Why Appliance Repair is a Good Career Choice

Appliance repair can be a great career choice for an individual. It offers you a potentially fruitful career that gives people a sense of purpose, financial security, and is almost always in need, especially as homeowners try to stretch their appliances’ lives.

In this post, we outline nine reasons why readers should seriously consider appliance repair as a career versus a temporary pursuit.

9 Reasons Why Appliance is a Good Choice

1) Appliance Repair is a Recession-Proof Business

With the prevalence of major home appliances and people’s reliance on them, homeowners are always willing to shell out money for their repairs.

2) The Service Largely Sells Itself

By the time someone is reaching out to you for a job, they’re ready to pay for it without negotiating on pricing.

3) You’ll Always Be Learning

Given how rapidly home appliances’ tech evolves, you’ll be continuously learning how to solve new problems for customers. Additionally, as you become acclimated to these changes, you can market your unique skills and boost your earnings.

4) You Won’t Be Stuck Inside at a Desk

Appliance repair requires you to be on the move and in people’s homes, which offers you variety when it comes to environments and people you’ll meet.

5) You’ll Be Staying Fit

Along with keeping boredom away, your work will help keep you moving and healthy. Hauling your repair tools to and from your vehicle daily can make for a great workout.

6) Your Interpersonal Skills Will Grow

Appliance repair requires interactions with customers online, on the phone, and in-person. These experiences will help you improve your communication skills and leverage these professional relationships for additional business via referrals or repeat service calls.

7) You’re Able to Set Your Own Pricing

Mentioned previously, appliance repair is often viewed as a necessity for homeowners. This situation means that you can set your prices and earn a good living. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2019 Occupational Employment and Wages report, the annual mean wage is $44,210. Just make sure to do some research on competitors’ prices and adjust yours accordingly so you don’t lose out on business.

8) You’re Helping Your Neighbors

Appliance repair technicians more often than not work in the same community or area where they live. Because of this, you’ll be helping fellow residents with a frustrating experience that may lead to future calls.

9) It’s Never Too Late to Start

Thanks to online training, like Uncle Harry‘s and others, and other resources, you can pick-up appliance repair relatively fast and without prior knowledge of the trade. Also, you can train at your own pace.

2 Replies to “9 Reasons Why Appliance Repair is a Good Career Choice”

  1. I’ve heard of Uncle Harrys program for some time now. They’re still around, so the have to be doing. Something right. There is alot of talk about them being outdated. I would love to get your feedback.

    1. Uncle Harry’s Program has been around for a long time and some of his material was written 20 years ago. I also see those comments but really Harry has kept very current with his Wizard tablet and online training. His original manuals are still available and very useful as addition to all his current 84 training videos and thousands of manuals. He now has links on the tablet to millions of service calls and their solutions. It’s pretty amazing.

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