Holiday Recipe for Emergency Service Calls: Self-Cleaning Ovens!

Self-Cleaning Ovens Can Create Appliance Repair Service CallsSimply put, a customer deciding to self-clean their oven just before the holiday is an invitation for a last minute disaster and an emergency service call.

Most customers don’t know that self-cleaning mode runs an oven at a temperature over 900 degrees for a long and potentially harmful period of time.

If you think about it, the process naturally stresses the heating elements, sensors, thermostats, and thermal cutoffs beyond their normal operating temperatures.

That additional stress may be all it takes for a weakened component that is ready to fail to tip over the edge and leave the customer begging you, the repair technician, to come out on Christmas Eve to get them back to happy holiday cooking.  That is if you are willing to go out on that call!

I have been telling my customers to spare themselves the gamble, but if they feel they must clean that oven before aunt Jenny comes out for her holiday visit to do it well in advance.  That way if there is a problem, they have plenty of time to schedule a service call and save their stress for more important things.

Happy Holidays from Appliance Repair Startup!

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