Parts Suppliers with Low Prices

  1. ApplianceZoneAPPLIANCEZONE for STANDARD DELIVERY CLIENT PARTS: Because they consistently have the lowest prices for a dedicated parts supplier (excluding eBay) that I have found as of the writing of this article), for my client parts, right now I use ApplianceZone.
  2. eBayeBay for INVENTORY PARTS:  For my inventory parts, you can’t beat eBay.  They can be as much as half the price of other suppliers, but you may have to order from multiple sources.  Their shipping tends to be USPS because it’s cheapest, but not always trackable, and can take longer to deliver unless they offer and you opt for expedited shipping.
  3. RepairClinicREPAIRCLINIC for OVERNIGHT PARTS OR RETURNS:  If you need client parts overnight, RepairClinic is cheapest for overnight shipping, even though their parts may cost a little more.  What you really need is their return policy (yep, even electronic parts!)

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