Looking Back at My Appliance Business Startup

First Call (Almost)Business has been very good for me.  In fact, it is growing much faster than I originally predicted it would be at this time in my first year. I have gotten so busy that I really haven’t had time to blog, and that’s the simple answer as to where I’ve been.

I have been astonished to see how many people have inquired about new content on my blog site, and I’m flattered and pleased that so many readers are actually following my journey and have expressed interest in hearing more.

I am not a professional writer (maybe that’s obvious once you start reading this stuff), but I started this blog with the specific intent of simply documenting the process of starting an appliance repair business from scratch with no previous training or skill in the industry.

I have been self-employed for most my adult life, and I know how difficult things can be to get started in a new business.  I felt like there were others out there with the same concerns, and that my real world chronicle might help them weigh the pros and cons of taking on such a venture.

Starting an appliance repair business felt like a huge challenge to me, and I was battling the fear of not being able to learn enough fast enough to earn a decent income within a realistic timeframe.  I actually succeeded much more quickly than I ever thought I would.

Originally I thought I would just share my first six months of experiences so others could have some perspective on the startup process for themselves.

It turns out the story of my ongoing business is becoming of so much interest to everyone, I am going to continue blogging about my repair business experiences.

So far this blog has been very successful in telling my story, and I believe it can help many others trying to make the decision whether to pursue this field or not.  I will continue adding as much useful information as I can, and I hope it continues to help.

2017 Note –
Looking back now to 2011, it seems like forever ago, but boy have I grown in my knowledge and ability to make a great income while still maintaining my goals of having family time and freedom.  Like every startup guy, I had my difficulties but persevered.  You can review my many other posts to see how I have changed my approach and gotten better at this great business.

2 Replies to “Looking Back at My Appliance Business Startup”

  1. Just wanted you to know: You may not be a professional writer, but you do an excellent job, and I hope you keep it up. I am finishing hvac training at a local tech school and have been looking into appliance repair so I can work for myself. I found Harry’s site and looking around on google stumbled on yours. I plan to get Harry’s course asap. I worked on some appliances that we got in for repair at school, but was worried like you, about the learning curve go between to taking calls. I am really looking forward to getting his course. I will be calling him this week with a few questions and I’ll let him know that your blog cinched my decision to go with him for my training.
    Thank you for taking the time and effort to do your blog it is excellent info, well rounded, and very interesting.
    Daniel Boles

    1. Hi Daniel – It is really great to hear the blog has been of such help to you. I know I would have loved to find something like it when I was in the uncharted waters between knowing a few things and deciding to go pro. Like you, Harry’s course was the only thing I found out there to help me make the leap. The course gives you the knowledge and the confidence to take the plunge, but Harry himself is the secret weapon. Harry answered the phone personally the day I was considering buying his course, and has answered it every time I’ve called ever since. Best of luck to you in starting your business – I wish you great success!

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