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  1. Hi,
    I finally saved enough for Harry’s course, alot to cover before starting calls. I noticed in the last few days your site looks diff. I like it more. I believe I saw a new edition of Kleinhart’s troubleshooting book. Thought you’d want to know. I have the same edition you show on your site and I don’t know if the time span would be worth the cost for the new ed. I’d be interested in your opinion.
    Daniel Boles

    1. Hi Daniel – Congratulations on making a great decision! You can definitely take appliance repair all the way with the foundation Harry gives you – I just hired my second subcontractor to keep up with my current volume of calls. As far as the 3rd edition of Kleinert’s book, from what I understand in a way a lot has changed in 5 years, and a lot hasn’t. The good news is the 2nd edition seems to be holding its value pretty well, so if you wanted to upgrade, you could sell it on eBay to defray the cost. I probably will not just because the fundamentals start to become second nature after a while, and I find I’m using the reference less often on a daily basis. Obviously all newcomers should go straight for the 3rd edition if they don’t already own it. Best of luck with your appliance repair business – you’re already off to a great start!

  2. I enjoy your blog as I look to start my own business when I finish school. Do you know of any other appliance repair business forums or blogs out there?

    1. Best of luck with starting your business! Actually, I’ve found that appliantology.org is a pretty good free resource for thousands of solutions to diverse issues. If you become a paid member for very little $ you get access to the other forums beside just the Kitchen and Laundry forums, the ability to edit your own posts, send and receive private messages (PMs), download/upload/view attachments, and post replies to other topics.

    1. Happy to say that business has been very good for me! I have made a valuable association with a used and reconditioned appliance retailer in my area. I first approached them looking for an opportunity to help rebuild any units in their shop – I was more motivated by the learning and hands-on experience than making money from this source. Turned out that they do not do any service calls on any appliances that they have not sold, but their phone rings all day for repairs on appliances they have not sold. They now give me all those leads in exchange for helping out in the shop. A perfect win-win relationship.

      I have become so busy so fast that I haven’t spent much time on my blog. I’m going to get back to adding new material though because I’ve had a number of requests for new content.

      Thanks for the question.

  3. Why no posts in so long? I hope you are not out of business! How has Uncle Harry helped you since your last post? Why does your area have lower than average labor rates with so little competition among repair techs? I’m thinking about starting an appliance repair business in my resort community but there seems to be a lot of competition for a small town. Any thoughts? Thanks for your time.

    1. Fair question…good news is business has been great and getting better every day. Not being a professional writer, I have found myself getting distracted with my new business and losing track of the blog a little bit. I have been writing lots of rough drafts along the way but haven’t got around to posting them. Good news is I have finally finished a couple and will be posting them immediately.

      Uncle Harry is a dedicated mentor to all of his students, and I am no exception. He responds quickly every time I call, and has literally walked me through a couple of stumpers in real time while I was on site. I can’t say enough about having that kind support while trying to start up this business.

      I have very little competition and the few people that are servicing this area and are charging very little, however I have raised my rates since I first started and have found no resistance.

      As far as starting your business in a competitive area, no matter who I’ve come across in the business so far, regardless of where they live, they seem to be busier than they can handle. You might just have to test the waters to see how things go. Good luck to you – it’s really a great business!

      Thanks for your comments and thanks for your interest. I am truly committed to sharing my experience as I believe anyone interested in starting an appliance repair business can learn from (and hopefully share) this blog. More will be coming soon, I promise.

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