Uncle Harry’s Mobile Appliance Wizard Review

Mobile Repair Wizard TabletLack of experience was the hardest obstacle I faced as a new appliance repair technician.  Nothing was harder when I  started out taking service calls than to be at a customer’s house and literally not be sure what my next move forward was.

Back when I started out, the only thing I could do was to study Uncle Harry’s materials ahead of a service call as much as possible, and once I got on site if I ran into something I wasn’t expecting, I had to tell the customer I would be back the next day, then go home and study some more.

Uncle Harry now has an instant Mobile Appliance Wizard loaded onto a handheld tablet that gives you immediate and targeted access to an enormous framework of service data, technical manuals and videos for any appliance or problem you might be working on.  Take a look at a sample video on YouTube.  It includes a handy search tool that makes it easy to locate manuals among the many thousands that are on the tablet. Quite impressive and useful.

I recently got a chance to review one of these, which was simply not around back when I got started taking calls, and I really wish it had been!

This powerful tool will instantly add years of knowledge, and the confidence that comes with it, to your new career while you’re busy getting real-world experience under your belt.  And it has everything I still use every day on my service calls as an experienced technician.

With the easy to use wizard, you don’t need to be connected to the internet – it works anywhere, anytime.  In seconds you can get disassembly instructions for any appliance, troubleshooting, and diagnosis for the specific problem you’re working on, and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the repair.

I remember that sometimes just being new was enough all by itself to get me stuck on something, even if I had studied it before.  And even when I thought I knew how to solve the problem in front of me, I still could have used some kind of confirmation that I was on the right track.

Having this Mobile Appliance Wizard at your fingertips can definitely take the mystery and anxiety out of getting started doing appliance repairs by fast-tracking the diagnostic and repair process. This will not only make you look experienced and knowledgeable to your customers but will most importantly help you complete your service calls quickly and successfully.

I have spoken highly of Uncle Harry’s program in the past, but this is why I continue to be a big, big fan.  I was proud it only took me 30 days before I ran my first service call, but with this powerful tool, I see no reason why anyone can’t get started in the appliance repair business immediately.

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  1. I have a plumbing business and I want to diversify into appliance repair because I get so many requests to repair appliances while we are doing work in peoples houses. Right now we will refer this work to another contractor who I feel is making a fortune on our referrals. My men are not comfortable with appliance repair. Basically I have two questions, first, do you feel that Uncle Harry’s wizard tool would be helpful to my men and two, is it possible to purchase it without buying the whole course? I don’t want my men to learn how to set up their own appliance repair business like you did and quit working for me.

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