Amazing appliance repair wizard tool – The perfect technician training tool

Appliance Repair Wizard

Uncle Harry’s amazing appliance repair wizard tool is a patented tablet computer that allows the technician to do many things. Drawing from over 800,000 pages of reference materials, it is very similar to having a huge library at your disposal.

It is important to know that the wizard materials do not need to be downloaded; the reference materials are actually already on the tablet. This very capable tablet never needs to be connected to the Internet.  No Wi-Fi or hotspot is required.  Let’s investigate the many capabilities of the wizard tablet.

First off, the technician can quickly diagnose appliance repair problems by using the checklist associated with customers common complaints. For example, he could research a front loader that makes a loud noise in spin, a dryer that will not heat or a refrigerator that will not make ice. The checklists provided will properly direct him from the most likely diagnosis to the least likely with associated pictures and videos. These checklists are designed to keep a greenhorn technician on track and out of the weeds. They are a perfect learning tool for training a novice. You can use it as a self-training tool or as an employee training tool.

washer dryer crib sheet

Charts are provided which identify troublesome and easy repairs. 

Going even further, if a technician is not familiar with removing the cover of respective appliances there are videos showing him exactly how to open each type of appliance. For technicians who do not understand the branding tricks used by all major manufacturers, there are lists of designs associated with various brands to unravel this common confusion.  Sears Kenmore is a perfect example of brand confusion.  A chart is provided to decipher the various model prefix number in order to determine which manufacturer made a specific appliance for Kenmore.

The diagnostic section of the wizard breaks appliances down into the following categories, washers both top, and front loaders, dryers both gas and electric, refrigerators of all styles, ice makers, dishwashers and disposers. Also included are training manuals that cover all of the appliance basics. Notably absent from the wizard is any marketing, pricing and business techniques as they are covered in other sections of the platinum program for those wishing to start their own appliance repair business. This makes the tablet extremely useful for training employees.

The Wizard tool goes far beyond the basics. As all professionals know, new computerized appliances include self-diagnostic capabilities which are specific to particular brands and models. The theory is the same on all appliances but the specifics differ. Consequently, many thousands of manuals are included which are specific to each peculiar model. These are broken down by manufacturer and type. For example, in addition to all of the ordinary Electrolux, GE and Whirlpool products, the tablet includes such peculiar units as duel fuel Wolf ranges and Fischer Paykel dishwashers.  Virtually nothing is omitted.

To make life even simpler, a powerful search tool is provided on the wizard login homepage which allows you to search by model number, brand or complaint to locate information pertinent to your question.

This is by far the best tool in the industry for training technicians, supporting on the road technicians or having in your hands when you’re on the job site need immediate information.


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  1. Hello how do you get one of these tablets??
    I am a beginner company here in Iowa and that would be amazing to have

    1. Mike, the tablet is available at as a physical product. Go there and look around.

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